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A new mobile app for private banking client needs


The client aimed to build a new mobile application to fit their users needs and develop a new approach with the services ecosystem.


I worked as a UX & UI designer on this project. Another UX designer conducted surveys and interviews with 15 people, to highlight major pain points related to using their main platform.

We learnt that users had difficulties to access simple functions on both desktop and mobile platforms.
Regarding user habits, we observed that we had to focus our efforts on pages and user journeys such as account’s wallet overview, contact and advisor pages, but most importantly on how they access to services.

I designed a brand new visual language, built on top of existing products and web pages, and I crafted new components based on users specific needs, as existing components and assets were getting really old, not accessible and not mobile ready.

Offer a personalized and modern mobile experience to private banking clients.
Provide them with an all-in-one range of services without leaving the bank’s ecosystem.

from the ground up

We completely redesigned how users access to their most valuable information : accounts and assets repartition.

We focused on key info such as the total amount of the accounts, or the global performance index that people need to check on a daily basis. Then, we decided to let users have a quick access to their main accounts directly from the home of the app.

Finally, we added a dynamic chart so users can follow the repartition of their investments with a more visual impact.

Accounts / Orders

Reorganized content

Every aspect of the account page and the list of operations has been lightened, to stay focused on what’s necessary.

We added brand logos and colors to orders for clarity, and we also classified more common operations with distinctive icons.