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Make Stock Market

Accessible to Everyone


Crédit Agricole Titres (CATitres) aimed to update their web application to align with the new Crédit Agricole Design Sytem.


I worked as a UI designer with 2 UX designers on this project. We conducted surveys and interviews with about 50 people, to highlight habits and major pain points related to using CA stock market platform, but also the ones from competitors.

We learnt that novices represent 80% of the user base (with only 60% of them having a single account with only 2 products or less).
Regarding user habits, we observed that we had to focus our efforts on pages and user journeys such as account’s wallet overview, product pages with useful content (news, advices, …) and buy/sell workflows.

We used CA Design System as a base to build pages, and we crafted new components based on our specific needs. We always kept responsive design in mind during the whole process, even if the priority was the desktop-based interface.

Guided userflows

A complete design overhaul

Data Visualization

Customization & Presets


Guidance and contextualized help

We added contextualized help, messages and descriptions to help users to understand specific financial notions and terms.

We also put some focus on most used choices to help users figuring what are the most common options.


Profile & User Settings

As we were diging through user testings, we identified that some features were only used by expert profiles; whereas novice profiles could lack some explanations sometimes.

We profiled every user into 2 categories by default : novice or expert, and we decided to let users choose what level  of information they would like to see, depending on their financial knowledge.

With this, users can easily focus on what they need.

UI / Components

Precisely crafted

Our main users are clients from Crédit Agricole, so we decided to use CA Design System as a base for our UI components.

We crafted a lot of new components to match our specific needs with finance and data visualization, but also accessibility. To do this, we built a dedicated library of components, linked to the Design System.

White Label

Suited to each bank
of Crédit Agricole Group

Some of our clients come from other banks such as LCL or BNP, so we thought our design with white label in mind, to be able to switch elements such as fonts and color palettes to match each bank visual identity.

A complete design overhaul